Southdown Materials Testing Limted

Southdown Materials - Non Destructive Testing Services

Our non-destructive testing methods include the following:

Ultrasonic Inspection
All types of weld configuration in plate, pipe, castings, forgings etc. Material testing bar, pipe, plates, billets etc

X – Ray techniques for any welds or components up to a thickness of 60mm. Subcontracted

Visual Inspection
Qualified welding inspectors for pre and post welding duties.

Magnetic Particle Inspection
On site or in house

Dye Penetrant Inspection
On-Site or In-House.

Hardness Surveys
Using approved types of portable equipment.

Positive Material Identification
In house or on site XRF or OES methods available.

On-Site Chemical Analysis
Mobile optical emission spectrometer available for ferrous and non-ferrous items. (Can report carbon) please contact us for full program of elements.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Ferrite Determination
Reporting ferrite number and/or percentage ferrite.