Southdown Materials Testing Limted

Southdown Materials - Capacity Destructive Testing Services

Our destructive testing methods include the following:

  • Tensile Testing up to 1000kn (100 tons). Uts, Yield, Proof Stress, Elongation, Reduction of Area.
  • Bend testing
  • Fracture testing
  • Shear testing
  • Proof load testing
  • Compression testing

Hardness Testing
Vickers, Brinnel, Rockwell

Micro Hardness Testing
Vickers, Knoop.

Impact Machines
Charpy and Izod testing from ambient temperature to -196° C
ASTM and European Specifications 2mm V notch.

Metallurgical Laboratory
Macro and micro structure examination, failure investigation, corrosion testing, coating weight measurements, ferrite counts, image analysis, case depth, depth of decarb, grain size etc.

Chemical Analysis Laboratory
Precise measurements of chemical composition in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Welding Services
Weld procedure and welder qualification to all major standards – advice and training by qualified welding engineers. Responsible weld co-ordinator

General Services
Full machine shop for the in house preparation of test pieces, CNC and conventional machines.

Furnace for test piece heat treatment.

Fork lift for off loading large samples 2 ton max.